Comfortable, trendy and stylish — this is the kind of dress a girl of any age, profession and mood needs. Yulia Logvin, a personal stylist and shopper with many years of experience, perfectly understands the intricacies of creating an interesting and original wardrobe, so she teamed up with fashion retail expert Tatyana Yashchuk.  They launched the Jul' brand, a really smart fashion brand. Julia translated her amazing experience of working with completely different women into a language of design — understandable, relevant and accessible.

To studying or in the office, on a date, or going for a walk with the family,  Jul' answers the question "What should I wear?" in any situation.  In Jul' fashion trends adapt to real life, collections are limited edition and all things go well together.  Without overproduction and difficult search for interesting combinations of things, Jul' allows every woman to look stylish, unusual and daintily, while keeping the balance between affordable prices and high quality tailoring. High quality tailoring is achieved through our own production — all things Jul' made in Ukraine, from sketch to end product.